Gold Ambush is a vibrant, action-packed strategy game combining fast, one-touch running with creative city-building gameplay. Your castle must be protected from attackers at all cost by clever placements of ingenious traps in surrounding forest and city zones. You’ll then go after enemy bases to raid for gold coins and elixirs IF you can get past their traps first.
  • Best of both worlds
    Gold Ambush delivers a unique gameplay experience by combining city-building strategy with maze-running thrill.
  • Home is where the gold is
    Build up your base to produce valuable elixirs and gold, strengthening your Kingdom against outside invaders.
  • It’s a TRAP
    To keep enemies at bay, you’ll need to cleverly place traps in surrounding zones requiring a masterful set of skills to defeat.
  • Raider Nation
    Daring city raids of bases increase your gold coin and elixir count while weakening your enemies.
  • A-Maze-ing Strategy
    Strategic mazes are laid out to arrange a variety of traps upon in unique combinations and sequencing for maximum castle protection.
  • Choose Your Champ
    Who will lead you to victory? Pick between an assortment of characters, each accompanied with a unique power!
Kevin Hart
Does he have what it takes to be King? His #1 priority is family and he'll protect them and their Kingdom at all cost. He's got a heart of gold, cunning humor and fiery determination.